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Mission, vision and values

Fontilles Foundation


Our mission is to defend the right to health of the most vulnerable people, improve their quality of life and help them recover their autonomy, providing them with access to health care and rehabilitation services.
We start from a local approach, providing health care to dependent elderly people and people with disabilities, the chronically ill, etc., in Spain and extending attention globally to other countries, through our development cooperation projects, providing comprehensive care to the patients with leprosy and other neglected diseases, and facilitating the improvement of their living and health conditions.


In thirty years, leprosy will be controlled throughout the world and will not produce more disabilities because the affected people will be diagnosed and treated on time. No person affected by leprosy will suffer marginalization or rejection.
Similarly, diseases linked to poverty, such as Buruli ulcer, will be reduced in incidence thanks to greater access to health services and the improvement of the living conditions of the communities currently affected.
In Spain, dependent elderly people and the chronically ill and disabled will have access to adequate health services that allow them to lead a dignified life regardless of their social status.


The people who are part of Fontilles share a series of values ??that inspire our work and each of our activities:

√ HUMANITY, not only with the sick also with their families and caregivers who also need our understanding and support

√ SOLIDARITY practiced beyond our work obligations and we call upon the rest of society to move towards a fairer world.

√ RESPECT for the dignity of human beings regardless of their social, physical or mental conditions

√ TRANSPARENCY in our work and the way in which we manage the resources of the entity, aware of our responsibility to beneficiaries and donors.

√ QUALITY  AND PROFESSIONALISM in carrying out all our activities

√ COMMITMENT to the users of our services, the local partners and our donors

√ ILLUSION in our work and our ability to make the world a better place for the most disadvantaged.

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