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Training courses for professionals and students

Fontilles considers the training of professionals and health agents a key factor to end leprosy and other diseases linked to poverty. That is because Fontilles incorporates health training to all its international cooperation projects. In addition, Fontilles participates in different courses and conferences and collaborates with universities and national and international entities, teaching classes in masters and seminars on tropical dermatology, cooperation, leprosy, international health...

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Fontilles has a specialized medical library for researchers and health center staff, as well as participants in our training courses. Prior appointment, personnel other than the Institution, who is investigating in the field of Leprology and / or tropical medicine, can also use our library

The medical library publishes the Revista de Leprología, the only scientific publication on leprosy in Spanish. In addition, it carries out exchanges with the main scientific journals on leprosy of the world and attends the requests it receives from individuals and national and foreign institutions. Its main objective is to support training and research facilitating access to documents deposited in it.


  • In-room consultation
  • Reproduction. Documents of special characteristics (size, conservation status and valuable works) cannot be reproduced.
  • Bibliographic information. All copies will be made for private use and for research purposes, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation (Revised text of the Intellectual Property Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, modified by Law 23/2006 of July 7).

Since 2013 Fontilles collaborates with INFOLEP, the largest international center for bibliographic and digital access resources, related to leprosy and other related subjects.